Beehive nucs


Just getting started with bees or are an experienced beekeeper wanting to expand your apiary?

These bees are specially grafted from breeder Queens (first generation) for their docile yet productive nature and are ready to be transferred to a full size box.

Starting with a nuc is the best way to start beekeeping as this lets you learn and get used to working with bees while the colony grows. Perfect for a flow hive or a traditional langstroth hive.

What’s provided?

High-density bee numbers. Ready to transfer to a full-size box

Five full size langstroth frames in a brand new corflute nuc/ transport box typically containing:

• 2 – 3 frames eggs/ capped/ uncapped brood – all stages

• 1 – 2 frames of honey and pollen – we don’t want them going hungry!

• 1 x mated, healthy and robust marked queen of Italian genes grafted from a breeder Queen (first generation)

• 6000 – 9000 odd bees – sufficient to be transferred to a full size box when you’re ready – count them if you like! 😉

Grafted first-generation marked Queen

• 5 frame Hive Doctor corflute box – UV treated with closure and vents – keep a hold of it as you will likely need it in the future

• Instructions – everything you need to know to get stated with your new colony

We use plastic foundation with wooden frames – perfect for a flow hive or modern beekeeper, and are an AFB disease free apiary. We have a very natural and organic approach to beekeeping and raise our bees naturally without the aid of sugar syrup, supplements, chemicals or antibiotics.

(very) well provisioned Queen cells

Collection and demo nights

We organise collection nights from our home in North Brisbane on Thursday nights at 7.30pm. We run new beekeepers through everything they need to know for one of the most incredible experiences as a new beekeeper – meeting your new bees for the first time.

The bees can remain in the transport box for a week or two if need be. Bees are transported at night to provide the minimum interruption and stress for them as possible. If you are travelling a distance we are happy to accommodate. We provide you with full instructions and are always available to assist if you require.

If you’ve bought our nucs in previous years you’ll know what you’re buying – it’s certainly not a box of old frames which are surplus to requirements – from the day your queen was grafted, your bees have been nurtured to be the nicest bees you could ever wish for as a new beekeeper. Theres no shortcuts here – this is a quality nuc produced by honest and experienced beekeepers. We’re not in it for a quick sale – we do this to help more people become beekeepers. It’s a truly incredibly journey and one we want to share our passion of with as many people as possible.

Still not sure if bee keeping is for you?

Give us a call for a chat anytime. If you are just considering it and haven’t bought a hive yet, we’ll be happy to talk through some equipment options with you.


Cordovan Redhead, Italian, Carniolan

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