Beekeeping Introduction for Absolute Beginners

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Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: Deception Bay

Join us for a beekeeping adventure like no other. We’ll venture deep into a beehive, where we’ll inhale the purest air in the world, while we appreciate the beauty of one of the world’s most important creatures, the humble honey bee.

We’ll learn how to go about hive inspections, seeking young eggs, abundant provisions of nectar and pollen while checking for pests and disease. We’ll probably pass a few drones on the way, bumbling around the brood box, making sure the girls are working hard. If we’re lucky, her majesty will even say hello. The feeling from knowing a hive of 60,000 odd bees, watching you with their little eyes, with total trust, as you carefully inspect their home is really something special.

We’re on a mission to introduce as many people to beekeeping as we can! It’s a remarkable, fun hobby, which anyone can enjoy. Beekeeping puts you in touch with nature and is something the whole family can benefit from. Whether it’s the joy of managing the bees, making decisions like what sort of Queen you want, to the extreme pollination you and your neighbours will enjoy, or simply the fresh, untouched local flavours of honey and honeycomb from your own back yard.

We’ll discuss the different types of hives, the effort involved, and the equipment required. You may have heard of Flow Hives, which make harvesting incredibly simple. We’ll demonstrate this hive and show you what’s needed to get started.

This is the ideal opportunity to get hands on with bees and decide if it’s for you. Hey, even if you decide it’s not, you’ll still enjoy a day learning about bees and tasting some delicious honey.

If you’re worried about being stung, relax. Our bees are raised in a breeding program which ensures our bees have a good temperament. No one likes working with nasty bees and a lovely temperament is what makes this such a pleasant hobby.

Once we’ve learnt about the different types of hives, bees, equipment, pests and diseases, we’ll be suiting up and inspecting hives. If you don’t have a bee suit, you can choose to observe this part from a distance, via our live video feed from inside the hive. But we’d highly recommend investing in a bee suit so you can get up and close with these beautiful bees.

We’ll then indulge in a guided tasting of some of the different honeys we harvest in Brisbane, learning what makes them special.

No prior experience is required. You’ll walk away from this day buzzing with knowledge and appreciation for the role bees play in our world and an understanding of what’s required if you were to consider keeping bees.


Sat 15 Jan 2022 (10am – 3pm), Sat 05 Feb 2022 (9am – 3pm)

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