Beginner – Intermediate Flow Hive Beekeeping Course

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Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: Deception Bay

You asked for it. We’ve delivered. Introducing the most interactive and informative day you can invest in your bees.

As part of our mission to introduce as many people as possible to beekeeping, this course will suit absolute beginners as well as seasoned beekeepers wanting to take their hobby to the next level. Knowledge is made for sharing and as part of this mission and our commitment to the industry we’re offering courses at value for money prices so everyone can benefit.

Whether it’s gaining more confidence working with your bees, or simply learning how to manage your colony better. Join us for an entertaining day to take your beekeeping journey to the next level. Best suited to people who currently have a hive but also suited for absolute beginners if you own a bee suit.

This course is hands-on, focussing on practical experience working and handling bees. Obviously we can’t cover everything you’ll ever learn about bees in six hours, but we’ll focus on everything you are likely to encouter in your first two years of beekeeping. We promise you will walk away bursting with confidence and knowledge, knowing you understand so much more about your bees.

Highlights include:

Hive Inspections

  • What to look for during an inspection
  • Methods of brood frame management and maximising bee health and population
  • Types of foundation and pros/ cons of each
  • Learn to recognise the different types of cells on a frame


  • What to look for when choosing a Queen
  • How to find your Queen

Tools and Equipment

  • Learn how to light a smoker, keep it lit and how to use it!

Pests and Disease

  • Learn to recognise and control the pests and diseases we have in Queensland.


  • Why bees really swarm. What to do when you see the signs, and how to avoid it.

…and lots more

  • Methods of honey extraction
  • Feeding – how and when to feed your bees
  • Frame management, maximising brood (and hence honey) production
  • How a Flow hive works and what makes it different
  • The six most common mistakes beginners make

Admittedly, we can’t give you everything you’ll ever need to know about beekeeping in one day. We aim to cover everything you’re likely to come across in your first two years, along with the ability and mindset to listen and learn from your bees and take the hobby in whichever direction you choose to.

To ensure everyone gets the best experience, numbers are limited and priority will be given to those who have purchased nucs from us.


Sat 15 Jan 2022 (10am – 3pm), Sat 05 Feb 2022 (9am – 3pm)

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