Hive Doctor Smart Bottom BoardHive Doctor Smart Bottom Board

Hive Doctor 10 Frame Smart Bottom Board With Pest Trays


We use these on all of our production hives and find them perfect for Queensland conditions.

  • Removable (2x) pest trays – fill with diatomaceous earth or oil as an organic method to trap small hive beetle, or remove them for extra ventilation
  • Random colour combination entrance discs to minimise drifting as bees recognise their hive
  • Triple entrance discs – can be closed (or partially closed) to restrict entry for weaker colonies or for relocating
  • Locater lugs to ensure brood box stays in position
  • Locater for strapping
  • Screw holes for securing to pallets or stands
  • Vented floor
  • UV resistant – we’ve been using these for many years and can promise you they stand up to our Australian sun
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