Hive Doctor 5 Frame Nuc Box


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We buy these boxes in bulk and can offer them assembled and ready for use.

The Hive Doctor coreflute Nuc box has patented Heat Sealing Technology that is used to seal the edges, which improves thermal efficiency and helps your bees retain warmth and a more consistent temperature. Not all corflute nuc’s are created equal! This technology is patented and unique to the Hive Doctor corflute Nuc.

  • Durable – stands up to the Australian sun
  • UV Rated and water proof with an 80kg stackable capability
  • Smart lock lid (to stay closed during transport)
  • Well vented
  • Entrance disc with Queen excluder
  • Colours chosen randomly (green/ yellow/ light blue/ dark blue/ maroon/ grey)
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Empty, With 5 Frames

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