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It’s been a fantastic season and our Queens have travelled to some incredible locations around Australia. Thank you to all of our amazing customers. We’re letting our bees take a well-deserved break for Winter and are now taking pre-orders for Spring 2022. This is our busiest time of year and orders will be dispatched in the order they are received. We need to let the bees tell us they’re ready, but with all going well, this should be late August. Priority will be given to pre-paid orders.

Time to re-queen or expand your apiary with some quality lines?

We get it. You’re not looking for 100 queens booked a year in advance. Or even 10 for that matter. While we also have capacity for larger orders, we specialise in providing small orders to hobby and semi-commercial beekeepers. By stream-lining the order and delivery process we can provide you with Queens when you need them. Not when you think you will need them.

Queens are sent nation-wide (exc. WA) via Australia Post Express Post every Monday or collected from North Brisbane.

  • First generation from breeder stock
  • Direct from breeder (no middle-man)
  • Queens are caught fresh for optimum acceptance rates – we don’t Queen bank
  • Young and strong (aprox. four weeks old)
  • Marked
  • Relaxed environment – we’re not stressing our bees ever – and it shows
  • Disease-free apiary
  • No antibiotics used

At times when demand exceeds supply, priority will be given to paid orders.


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