Queen Bees


Time to re-queen or expand your apiary with some quality lines?

We get it. You’re not looking for 100 queens booked a year in advance. Or even 10 for that matter. While we also have capacity for larger orders, we specialise in providing small orders to hobby and semi-commercial beekeepers. By stream-lining the order and delivery process we can provide you with Queens when you need them. Not when you think you will need them.

Queens are sent nation-wide (exc. WA, NT) via Australia Post Express Post every Monday or collected from North Brisbane.

  • First generation from breeder stock
  • Direct from breeder (no middle-man)
  • Queens are caught fresh for optimum acceptance rates – we don’t Queen bank
  • Young and strong (aprox. four weeks old)
  • Marked
  • Relaxed environment – we’re not stressing our bees ever – and it shows
  • Disease-free apiary
  • No antibiotics used

At times when demand exceeds supply, priority will be given to paid orders.


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